Bunila Choudhary, Founder


Fashion doesn’t exist in a vaccum. In the 21st century, working with fashion means looking directly at the very real environmental, social impact the industry has. After all, it’s the industry with one of the largest environment footprints.

That’s why at Thr3Letter, we have been committed to doing better since the beginning. When you’re a homegrown, new brand, it’s difficult to be perfect from day one. But the climate crisis, the inequalities in the world are very real and they are getting worse right in front of our eyes. So, as a part of this fashion ecosystem, we are determined to play our part.

From the big picture to the day-to-day functioning of Thr3Letter, we put sustainability at the heart of our operations. It might take time, but we are confident tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Thr3Letter & a brighter world

For our planet Earth

Limited production: Thr3Letter clothes are made in small batches to avoid wastage. Given a choice, we’d rather take longer with our production than make pieces that will stay unused and eventually be a part of landfills. We’re grateful for having an audience that appreciates the eco-friendly approach.

Quality and style that lasts: Thr3Letter clothes are made to last you years! We source the finest of fabrics, pay great attention to the quality of our stitches, so you get outfits that actually stay in your closet for a while.

As a principle, we only finalize designs that transcend time. We don’t want to make clothes that feel good right now, but clothes that will never go out of style. Fast fashion and minute trends are some of the biggest challenges fashion industry faces when it comes to the environment. That’s why we make clothes that are unique without an expiry date.

Restyle, rewear, with regard: We proudly encourage people to restyle and rewear our brand. From our communication to our designs, long-term (re)wearing is at the core of our work.

Packaging for the planet: No one can change the world overnight. But the smallest of steps taken today can have beautiful butterfly effects tomorrow. Which is why, the butter paper we use for wrapping is made out of seed paper. And while we’re not 100% plastic-free yet, we’re making progress. The process to replace our packaging plastic with environment-friendly paper is already underway.

Our kaarigars

Fair wages and work conditions: Our artisans are paid fair compensation for their hard-work and talent. They also get bonuses at the end of every working month.

Equal opportunities employer: Founded and carried forward by women, more than 50% of Thr3Letter’s workforce is women. Mothers, women aspiring to be independent, we make sure they have a healthy work environment to accomodate all of their ambitions.

Inclusive, accomodating: Our employees are often a lot more than that - they are parents, family people, and we try our best to help them play their roles the best they can. That’s why, our premises have a separate day-care, study room for their kids if needed. There’s also a provision of meals on the house.

The Future

Thr3Letter is a modern ode to the rich history of artisans in India. As we grow, we want to build a space to appreciate and encourage the brilliant hand-work artists in India. Sadly, the way our industry works, they often don’t realize the value of their own work, underselling their precious art.

Before 2030, Thr3Letter aims to build a division for these artists - a chance for them to work for themselves instead of somebody else. A place where the artisans will have the authority and resources to earn from their unique talent.

Yes, so much more needs to be done. But every single day of operations, we envision a more inclusive fashion industry, and we are constantly looking for ways to do better.

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